cocked , pulled , shot , missed.

I haven't been on the computer lately, i apologize if you went it and thought in your head that i was going to update was something intresting, well i'm just updating. Yesterday i slept over josh's house came home today , it was pretty fun over there. Well i'm too lazy to upload pictures from the warped tour and all i ahve is pics from backstage of motion city soundtrack and a couple pictures of the starting line if you want to see them give me a missy elliot holler on aim. Here's some things to keep you guys occupied:

a list of 5 songs that i've been recently listening to/found and i am really addicted to cuz they are amazing songs and you should listen to them too (god this title is likea song from the new fall out boy cd):

1. Her Space Holiday - Tech Romance, amazing lyrics listen to this one please.
2. Mae - Someone Else's arms, so awesome i'm listening to it right now.
3. Brand New - Play Crack The Sky, this one makes me teary.
4. JamisonParker - Here's Everything I've Always Meant To Say ,oMG this song is the most amazing,should be #1
5. Motion City Soundtrack - Lets Get Fucked Up and Die, this song speaks for itself ugh this band amazes me.

okay the over-use of the word amazing never renders it meaningless , that mtv dude should die cuz its not like mtv tells us all that useless fucking information in the fucking first place , mtv doesn't care either they just need this shitty gimmick for you to watch it and if you fell for it you should please turn the shower on and plug a hair dryer in and turn it on put your body in the shower and turn on the blow dryer while its inside the shower with you , thank you.
/crazy justin.

Well its 4 in the morning and i'm tired. g'night.
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water overdose.

w00000t the warped tour was FUCKING AMAZING. i would give a full detailed discreption of my day, but imw ay to lazy. I had to help out smartpunk before the show started too which was cool cuz i saw all these bands just pass by me and pretend im not starstruck.

Bands I saw:
The Starting Line
Fall Out Boy
MY American Heart
Senses Fail
Motion City Soundtrack (SAW THEM BACKSTAGE)
Relient K
Hawthorne Heights
Mae (saw them backstage)
Scary Kids Scaring Kids

godd it was so fun watching all these bands , i went crowd surfing twice. Coolest feeling.

i'll upload my pictures soon.

We probobly saw more bands but thats all i can get. I really wanted to see the academy is but they were at the end of the warped tour and we wanted to go home a little earler.

Came Home With:
Two Epitaph bags with loads of free stuff
My american heart shirt
Motion City Soundtrack shirt
The Academy Is shirt.

i fell asleep when i got home at like 9 o'clock so here i am got my full 5 hours of sleep , i woke up next to my friend matt (he was staying over and i have a big bead and no im not gay lmao) and i tried to wake him up and try to ask what time it was and he talked giberish and opened my room door and went back to sleep , it was kinda scary. god i woke up so thirsty.
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this weekend has been fucking fun , friday went to the skatepark with marc , and i stayed over marc's big ass house till today and i jjust got home.
annd annd....


next weekend, warped tour with: josh , marc, rob , zack.

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    underoathhhh, faggot.

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lmao last one i promise.

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Went skateboarding at the skatepark for 5 hours. thats practically it now im sour and my bones move out of place and its a bitch. and man im lonely around here i have no effing friends around here!

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drowning on my seat.

Yesterday was my sisters b-day and it was fun i guess..first big party in the house.

anyways , my brothers friend Holly straightened my hair and its soo long when its straight , and they all said i looked like a girl.. haha and i looked like the bass player from simple plan.

ill post a pic of it latter.
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